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System Requirements

PerioVision 18 system requirements:

  • Upgrading to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 is required if you are currently running a version prior to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.
  • Upgrading to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 is highly recommended if you are running SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.
  • All other system requirements are in the PDF available for download.

Sybase Order Form PDF
PerioVision Release Guide PDF
PerioVision 19 System Requirements PDF
PerioVision 18 System Requirements PDF
PerioVision 17 System Requirements PDF
PerioVision 16 System Requirements PDF
Important: Pay careful attention to our hardware specifications listed in the PDF that you can download above. Installing your system on computers that don’t meet the specifications will result in poor performance and instability of your computers and network. Hardware should be purchased from a quality-minded, local vendor or through Henry Schein TechCentral.

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