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PerioVision automates time-consuming processes such as insurance claims and line-item EOB posting, saving hours of time for your staff and improving the accuracy of your ledger. You can also track claims throughout the process, so you know immediately if more information is required or if a claim has been approved or denied. And, as your practice grows, PerioVision lets you maintain one set of patient records for multiple doctors, locations and specialties.

Accelerate the Claims Process

PerioVision simplifies the insurance claim process with eClaims, allowing you to create electronic claims, validate them and send them to your payors with a few mouse clicks. Claim submission only takes a few minutes, and it reduces your rejected claims so you can get paid faster. PerioVision includes current ADA, UB-04 and CMS-1500 claim forms.

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Improve Ledger Accuracy

PerioVision offers line item posting of electronic explanation of benefits (eEOBs). Automatically posting the EOB to the matching procedure lets you verify at a glance that a claim has been processed and paid correctly. If the name, date of birth, and transaction ID match, the line item EOB is green. If some but not all three criteria match, it’s color-coded yellow. A red entry means the EOB couldn’t match the claim in your ledger. This helps you improve the accuracy of your ledger by showing that the right payment allowances were applied and that no procedures were improperly denied.

Manage New Specialties and Locations

PerioVision Multispecialty lets your practice grow to unlimited locations and providers with a centralized database structure. Reporting tools let you generate business reports by provider or location. One database delivers the digital images, narratives, alerts and patient information—regardless of the office location or specialist. Each specialist views the patient chart for their specialty: oral surgeons can review implants, endodontists can chart canals and periodontists can see pocket depths.

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PerioVision and our network of partners provide integrated solutions that automate time-consuming tasks and address the specific challenges of running a profitable periodontal practice.